Ominous Joy

Band :
Title : Ominous Joy
Release Date : January 1, 2009
Format : CD

“Heavy Jesus” describes this album best. At times Zeppelinesque in flavor with appalachia, tribal, rhythm and blues. Dark overtones mix with extreme Christ light. The lyrics are an absolute walk through the Bible.

Genre: Spiritual: Christian Rock

Writing and recording the songs for this album came about as early as 1999 in no particular order or predetermined course. The instrumentation is extremely wide. I used electric and acoustic guitars of all varieties along with many different tube amps. Also are mandolin, mandola, dulcimer, piano, organ (B-3, Wurlitzer, etc.) ethnic percussion of all kinds, big drum kits, electric bass, footstomps, handclaps, ebo, violin, horn sections, harmonica, lap and pedal steel.

Many wonderful friends contributed their musical and vocal talents.

Perhaps totally over the top is “El Diablo’s Waiting Room” where we find Hitler and Mussolini arguing in their native tongues about the prospects of Hell and forgiveness, while they sit in Hell. You have to speak it to know what’s being said.

This is not a contemporary Christian album. I have tried to be true to my roots with regard to the music I heard growing up mixed with the ten years I spent learning my trade in Nashville. It is really hard for me to put a genre on what I do.

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